Molėtai Airport was established in 2000 and officially opened in the summer of 2002. Aerodrome category – 1A. The airport is located 13 km south of Molėtai. After reconstruction of the runway: soil and asphalt 650 x 60 m, asphalt – 600 x 20 m. The aerodrome can accommodate all types of aircraft up to 6000 kg masses of sufficient runway length. The aerodrome is equipped with a wind vane and a radio connection. There is a separate helipad where all types of helicopters can land.

The aerodrome was installed and operated in accordance with the CAA (now TKA) newly approved “Aerodrome Operation Rules”, and the aerodrome suitability certificate was issued in 2006 valid until 2022 July. The runway and access were newly marked this summer.

The total usable area of ​​the aerodrome is about 30 ha. There are 3 aviation hangars in the territory of the aerodrome, which meet all the requirements for this type of structures, their total area is 2200 m2. The hangars hold aircrafts of aeroclub and there is also enough space to safely store arriving aircrafts. Two maintenance organizations have started operations at the aerodrome on 2020 and are ready to service and repair aircraft.

The total area of ​​the aerodrome administrative-recreational two-stored building is 120 m2. Arrived pilots and guests are provided with conditions to relax, use the sauna, swim in the pond and fish. The aerodrome is open all year round, asphalted access roads, parking lots and a playground for children are installed.