Pramoginiai skrydžiai - Skraidiname orlaiviais

We fly aircrafts

Helicopter Schweizer 300C

60min – 500 Eur
30min – 250 Eur

More information: 8612-40921

*Helicopter rises from the aerodrome of Molėtai.
*We can fly to Your specified area – the price will be calculated according the length of flight.

Two-seater ultralight aircraft Bristel UL HD
Training flights according to the ultralight aircraft pilot license program – 150 Eur / hour

Introductory pilot lesson in the vicinity of Molėtai aerodrome 30 min – 100 Eur

More information: +37068626918

* The aircraft takes off and lands at Molėtai aerodrome.
* Ability to control the aircraft yourself.